Stream Stadiums & Shrines’ Dreams Comp Feat. Julie Byrne, Mutual Benefit, Ricky Eat Acid, & More

There’s a lot of layers to sound connoisseurs Stadiums & Shrines’ new multimedia compilation album Dreams. It’s an expansive 18-track double LP (with three digital bonus tracks) that features artists like Julie Byrne, Mutual Benefit, Ricky Eat Acid, Maria Usbeck, and more, in the works since 2012. Each composition interprets a black and white collage stitched together by visual artist Nathaniel Combs from the images of a 1950s tourism book. And Dave Sutton and Matthew Sage wrote accompanying narrative prose poems. Combined, the three components weave together an immersive meditation on place.

Today you can stream the entirety of Dreams on Hype Machine before the official release this Friday. It’s soft, atmospheric and winding. Each song gets its own space to dwell in. That’s a lot of what the album’s about, slowing down, taking the time to be in the moment and pick out all of the unexpected details.

There’s no real consistent feeling to Dreams. Yumi Zouma’s track “France (Grands Boulevards)” that was released back in April is lovely and lonely. M. Sage’s “Sweden (Landscape)” is a whirlwind of sweeping, crashing chimes, and Dustin Wong’s “Japan” tinkers and explodes into a gorgeously awesome soundscape. Dreams easily glides between warm sighs of nature, electronica, folk, and bellowing drones. Stream the album below.

01 Sea Oleena – “Portugal (A Lift)”
02 Bing & Ruth – “Quebec (Climber)”
03 Yumi Zouma – “France (Grands Boulevards)”
04 M. Sage – “Sweden (Landskap)”
05 Mutual Benefit – “Bali”
06 Dustin Wong – “Japan”
07 Julie Byrne & Eric Littmann – “Spain”
08 Ricky Eat Acid – “Algeria (Outside your house…)”
09 Julia Lucille – “Norway”
10 Sound of Ceres – “Austria (Solar Shaded)”
11 Teen Daze – “Alaska
12 Cuddle Formation & Emily Reo – “Bermuda (Yoshi’s Story)”
13 Eaters – “Finland”
14 Headaches – “Brazil”
15 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Yugoslavia”
16 Megafortress & Noah Wall – “India (Scorpio)”
17 Cemeteries & Foxes in Fiction – “Alberta (Siksika/Peigan/Kainai)”
18 Gem Club – “England’s Countryside (Mother In Comet)”
19 North Americans – “Germany (Quinn)” – Digital Only
20 Maria Usbeck – “Mexico (una pirámide al revés)” – Digital Only
21 Recycle Culture – “Israel (Primitive)” – Digital Only

Dreams is out 6/15 via Cascine.