Yumi Zouma – “France (Grands Boulevards)”

The tastemakers behind Stadiums & Shrines put together a new compilation album called Dreams that’ll be released this summer on the label Cascine. The album’s due out 6/15, and features contributions from artists like Julie Byrne, Ricky Eat Acid, Mutual Benefit, Maria Usbeck, and more. Stadiums & Shrines announced the comp today via an interview in The FADER:

[Dreams] came from a few separate ideas that we eventually realized were parts of a bigger one. 2011 was a bit of a crossroads for S&S. I was feeling some fatigue and pressure to keep up with the speed of music blogs at the time. I decided to recede and focus on the aspects that were most fun: the aesthetic S&S had developed and the collaborations. Nathaniel and I were Gchatting every day. He had an art site called Think or Smile where he shared his experiments with motion collage. He told me about this beautiful book Atlas of Remote Islands and how it had inspired a new series of collages he was working on, sourced from a 1950s tourism book called Around The World In 1,000 Pictures. His idea was to pair them with writing. He asked if I’d try riffing with one of the collages. My first instinct was to find a song to soundtrack the session. From there we figured out that this project could open up to audio, and that we should invite musicians to take part, and that it was time to redefine S&S as a place to present it.

The first song we’re hearing off of Dreams is Yumi Zouma’s lonely, gorgeous new “France (Grands Boulevards).” Our very own James Rettig referred to the accompanying visual as “Sad Little Bo-Peep.” Listen and check out the Dreams tracklist below.

01 Sea Oleena – “Portugal (A Lift)”
02 Bing & Ruth – “Quebec (Climber)”
03 Yumi Zouma – “France (Grands Boulevards)”
04 M. Sage – “Sweden (Landskap)”
05 Mutual Benefit – “Bali”
06 Dustin Wong – “Japan”
07 Julie Byrne & Eric Littmann – “Spain”
08 Ricky Eat Acid – “Algeria (Outside your house…)”
09 Julia Lucille – “Norway”
10 Sound of Ceres – “Austria (Solar Shaded)”
11 Teen Daze – “Alaska
12 Cuddle Formation & Emily Reo – “Bermuda (Yoshi’s Story)”
13 Eaters – “Finland”
14 Headaches – “Brazil”
15 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Yugoslavia”
16 Megafortress & Noah Wall – “India (Scorpio)”
17 Cemeteries & Foxes in Fiction – “Alberta (Siksika/Peigan/Kainai)”
18 Gem Club – “England’s Countryside (Mother In Comet)”
19 North Americans – “Germany (Quinn)” – Digital Only
20 Maria Usbeck – “Mexico (una pirámide al revés)” – Digital Only
21 Recycle Culture – “Israel (Primitive)” – Digital Only

Dreams is out 6/15 via Cascine.

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