Phish Sent Drew Carey A Blender After His Unhinged Tweets From The Sphere

Phish Sent Drew Carey A Blender After His Unhinged Tweets From The Sphere

Earlier this week, Drew Carey of The Drew Carey Show and The Price Is Right fame wrote that he would stick his dick in a blender (among other sacrifices) to be able to see Phish at the Sphere again. He had never seen Phish before and apparently didn’t even know any of their songs. Yesterday, the game show host and comedian shared that the band sent him a blender.

Here’s what Carey had posted to earn the gift:

#Phish at the #Sphere I swear I just talked to God
I would give you all my money, stick my dick in a blender and swear off pussy for the rest of my life in exchange for this.
Bro I met God tonight for real. I feel like I just got saved by Jesus no lie
This is what it must feel like to cum with a pussy
Because if it’s even close I’m flaying to wherever tomorrow and getting the best pussy money can buy. I don’t need to be a man no more of it means I can feel like this all the time
Fucking keep it bro if I can get this feeling instead
That was God at work or something
Like it felt like I was being saved by Jesus no lie

Along with the kitchen appliance, Phish included a note that read, “So thrilled that you could be at the Sphere with us! Hope you enjoy this gift and let’s do it again.” They signed the blender, writing, “Thank you Drew! See you next time, happy blending!”

This week Carey was also a guest on another televised game show, After Midnight, where he discussed his experience further: “I saw Phish at the Sphere this weekend. Never saw Phish. Didn’t know a Phish tune. And they blew my minds off so hard. I had a bunch of girls with me, and I thought to myself, is this what it’s like to [censored]? … It was like being edged for four days straight.” He added, “And then right before the face-melting climax at the end of the fourth day, an angel comes down from heaven, Gabriel, and he shoots fucking heroin in your arm, and he says, ‘Good luck now, [censored]!’ And he leaves. And then you have an orgasm for 15 minutes while your eyeballs fall out of your head.”

@aftermidnight Drew Carey REALLY loved #Phish ♬ original sound – after midnight

UPDATE: Carey also raved about the show on SiriusXM’s Phish Radio, and said it was much better than U2: “Three songs into Thursday night with Phish at the Sphere, I honestly was kinda mad. I wanted to call U2 and get my money back. It made them look like a bar band.”

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