Frankie Cosmos, The Spook School, & More Contribute To Trust Fund Tribute Album

Last year, Trust Fund announced that they were breaking up after releasing their final album, Bringing The Backline. The Bristol-based project, led by the precise songwriting of Ellis Jones, garnered a solid base of devotees over their time as a band. Some of those admirers got together to cover Trust Fund songs for a new tribute compilation called All My Friends Songs Are So Boring, which gets its title from a lyric on a track from their 2016 album “no one’s coming for us”.

Participating artists include Frankie Cosmos (who covered “Essay To Write,” and also toured with Trust Fund in the past), the Spook School (“Both Apologise,” who are also in the process of breaking up), Garden Centre (“Crab Line”), and Mitski producer Patrick Hyland (“Big Moon” — he also produced Trust Fund’s last album), as well as a ton of artists from around the UK.

Check out the tribute compilation below.