Tierra Whack – “Unemployed” Video

A big part of Tierra Whack’s rise was the surrealist videos that she went along with her songs, including the short film that accompanied her debut collection, Whack World. Over the last few months, she’s been dropping a track a week, though none of these have had videos. The wealth of Whack material dried up a couple of weeks ago, however, but now she’s returned with a music video for one of those songs, “Unemployed,” the last one that was released.

The new video for “Unemployed,” which was directed by Cat Solen, is amazing. We find Whack in the kitchen, chopping a huge pile of potatoes. But it turns out these potatoes are particularly emotive, with wide eyes as they prepare for their inevitable death. Whack serves up a dozen of potato-centric dishes, including what looks like a giant turkey made out of mashed potatoes. The recipient of all of these potatoes? A giant mutant potato.

Check it out below.