Tierra Whack – “Unemployed”

Another week, another Tierra Whack song. Today, #whackhistorymonth continues with “Unemployed,” the latest in her series of weekly singles following “Only Child,” “CLONES,” “Gloria,” and “Wasteland” and a theatrically absurd performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Like Whack World, the 15-minute audiovisual project that launched Tierra Whack and her playful, idiosyncratic style into the cultural consciousness, all of these singles have showcased her impressive range. “Unemployed” is a bar-filled banger that ditches the surreal sing-song vocals for Whack’s take on a straight-ahead rap track.

It’s still unclear if all of these standalone singles are going to be compiled into an album sometime in the near future, but at this point, their collective runtime is now longer than Whack World. Intriguingly, a new press release seems to tie them together into some kind of narrative: “‘Gloria’ ‘Clones’ is an ‘Unemployed’ ‘Only Child’ who grew up in a ‘Wasteland.'” And in an interview with Zane Lowe, Whack says the rest of 2019 “looks amazing. It looks bright.”

Listen to “Unemployed” and a snippet of the interview below.

“Unemployed” is out now. You can presumably expect another Tierra Whack single next week. That’s a good thing.

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