Pottery – “The Craft” Video

Pottery’s pointed, jittery post-punk sounded mighty promising on “Hank Williams” and “Lady Solinas.” The first two singles from their forthcoming No. 1 EP introduced them as the rare band that can comfortably conjure Wire and the Rolling Stones on the same track. They played several great sets at SXSW too — tense and nervy and enlivened.

Today they’re back with a video for “The Craft,” another impressive song off the EP. “Welcome all to the world of man/ Monkeys controlling robotic hands,” Austin Boylan yelps. “Tell them all we’ve lost our tails/ Evolving on our way without a trail.” It’s a real hip-swinger that delves into trancelike psychedelia at the end. Meanwhile, directors Bronwyn Ford and Max Taeuschel have provided a suitably playful introduction to the group.

In a statement, the band unpacks “The Craft” and its video:

With “The Craft” we wanted to explore the unconscious oddities of everyday life and how an outsider alien (Austin’s character) may interpret these trivial actions. In the video each band member has a niche hobby that not only lends itself to blind emulation from the outsider, but also represents each member’s individuality within our collective project.

Watch below.

No. 1 is out 5/10 on Partisan. Pre-order it here.