Kevin Abstract – “Baby Boy” Video

Last week, Kevin Abstract, the mind behind the insurgent and internet-beloved rap “boy band” Brockhampton, released a pretty great three-song EP called ARIZONA baby. A couple of days before he did that, he shared a video for opening track “Big Wheels,” which turned out to be our favorite song of the week. This was, from all appearances, part of a bigger project. Before releasing ARIZONA baby, Abstract posted three release dates — all of them a week apart — on Instagram, not saying what any of them were for. The second of those release dates is tomorrow. And today, Abstract shared another new video, for another new song.

This time, the song is basically a psychedelic rock song. “Baby Boy” is not a Beyoncé cover, and it features no rapping. Instead, Abstract sings softly about God over hazy guitar-plucks and far-out synth-sounds. Abstract’s melodies are huge and immediate, and there’s a grand, appealing sense of search to the song. It’s lovely.

As with so many other Abstract-affiliated things, this one has a strange, compelling, low-budget video that Abstract himself directed. He starts the video in a cage, singing to himself. He ends it amidst a crowd of kids in color-coordinated tank tops as they all turn into zombies, mobbing a car in the dead of the night. There’s also an extended intro where one kid tells another kid how much she means to him. Who knows! This all appears to be part of a project called GHETTO baby. Check it out below.

GHETTObaby, it seems safe to assume, is out 4/18.