Stream Cell’s Play To Win EP

Cell come from Montreal, and they play a blown-out, feral form of hardcore. On record, they slather their sound in reverb, which gives them a mysterious, chaotic edge that reminds me of early-’80s Maryland greats Void. Last year, Cell released two enormously promising pieces of music: A four-song 7″ EP called Rules Of The Game and a no-longer-available tour tape. And now they’ve followed them up with their biggest, most ambitious record to date, which is still only like 14 minutes long.

Cell just released the new EP Play To Win, and it’s as fearsome and nasty as their earlier records might’ve led you to hope. There are seven songs on the EP, and all of them clock in right around the two-minute mark. There’s one song called “Limit” that’s immediately followed by a song called “Limitless,” so Cell are clearly comfortable with contradictions. On first listen, the EP kicks a whole lot of ass, and you can stream it below.

You can buy the cassette version of Play To Win at Bandcamp.

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