Aminé – “Places + Faces” Video

A couple of years ago, the young Portland rapper Aminé scored an out-of-nowhere hit with “Caroline.” That song gave him some momentum, and he used it. He recorded 2017’s Good For You, a deeply engaging debut that remains the only album ever to feature guest appearances from both Offset and Girlpool. He followed it up with last year’s album/mixtape/nobody’s quite sure ONEPOINTFIVE. And he’s spent the last two years all over the touring circuit, playing clubs and festivals, releasing quick little one-offs whenever the mood strikes him. And now he’s got a new song where he takes stock of all of it.

“Faces + Places,” Aminé’s new track, is labelled a freestyle, but that’s an effectively meaningless term. Really, it’s a whole new song, albeit a relatively tossed-off one. Aminé sings more than he raps on “Faces + Places,” and he reflects on how weird it is to suddenly be touring all over the world, making money, missing his family while friends back home rot in jail. It’s a happy song, but it’s also a contemplative one. Best line: “We ain’t never heard no accents like this.”

Aminé has accompanied the song with a new video of him and his friends on tour: Riding roller coasters, buying clothes, dumbing out onstage, goggling at world landmarks. There’s also a completely charming bit at the end where a fan loses it over getting a gift from him. Check it out below, via Miss Info.

Aminé seems like a good dude.

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