Stream Aminé’s Surprise Album ONEPOINTFIVE

Just a little over a year ago, the Portland rap newcomer Aminé released his playful and inventive debut album Good For You, one of the year’s best rap albums. He’s been busy since then, touring heavily and releasing pretty-great one-off singles “Squeeze” and “Campfire.” But apparently, he’s also been in album mode this whole time. And last night, without warning, Aminé went ahead and released a whole new album. Or EP. Or mixtape. He isn’t quite sure.

Rap music has pretty much erased all meaningful distinctions between album, EP, and mixtape in the past few years anyway, and Aminé, in the video that accompanies the brand-new ONEPOINTFIVE, has some fun with that arbitrary-ass designation. But the facts are as follows: ONEPOINTFIVE is 13 tracks and 34 minutes of new Aminé music. The project features a few up-and-coming guests — Rico Nasty, G Herbo, Gunna — but it mostly recaptures the goofy and casual sensibility that Aminé got across so beautifully on Good For You.

On first listen, ONEPOINTFIVE is a whole lot of fun, with jokes and flexes and internalized real talk and lines that could conceivably qualify as all three. It also features Aminé describing a girl as “Björk cute, so she really fine, just sorta weird,” and that seems like something you guys might like. Stream the album below.

ONEPOINTFIVE is out now on Republic.

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