Metz – “Pure Auto” Video

Metz – “Pure Auto” Video

First, the important news: Motherfucking John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is out tonight. Keanu Reeves is going to decapitate a guy while riding on horseback. He is going to have a swordfight in the middle of a motorcycle chase. His dog is probably going to kill multiple henchmen. It’s over for you cowards. By way of promoting this movie, which I expect to be nothing short of a full-on cinematic masterpiece, Keanu Reeves recently spoke with GQ and admitted that he probably devoted too much of the ’90s to his alt-rock band Dogstar. (He wasn’t even the frontman! He was the bass player! He turned down Speed 2: Cruise Control to play dive bars!) In that same interview, Reeves said that he doesn’t pay too much attention to new music but that he’s into the Toronto noise-rock trio Metz. Which is cool!

Speaking of Metz: They’ve recently announced plans to follow up their 2017 album Strange Peace with Automat, a collection of B-sides and rarities, songs from the various vinyl releases they’ve cranked out over their lifetime. That means another LP’s worth of songs that might be running through your head while you get a guy in a triangle choke, shoot another guy in the head, and then shoot the guy you’re already choking.

Metz have just dropped an animated video for “Pure Auto,” a song that originally appeared as the B-side to the 2015 single “Eraser.” In Scorpion Dagger’s animated video, the band plays the song at their practice space, and weird things keep happening. One guy does splits. Another has his face briefly replaced by a pizza slice. Aliens and scorpions show up. There’s a surprise ending. People keep asking me if Metz are back. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re back. Watch it below.

Automat is out 7/12 on Sub Pop. Metz aren’t the boogeymen. They’re the ones you send to kill the fucking boogeymen.

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