ZeelooperZ – “Easter Sunday 97″ (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt) Video

Nobody ever seems to know when Earl Sweatshirt will turn up. A legitimate rap enigma, Earl will disappear for years at a time and then show up with guest verses in unexpected places. Last year, he returned from a long quiet period with the new album Some Rap Songs. And in the past few months, he’s also made guest appearances on tracks from the Alchemist and Stoney Willis. Earl didn’t have anything to do with Igor, the new album from his old friend and collaborator Tyler, The Creator. But Earl has now shown up on a new song from the Detroit rapper ZeelooperZ. You just never know with this guy.

ZeelooperZ, a longtime Danny Brown collaborator and a member of Brown’s Bruiser Brigade crew, recently released the mixtape Dyn-o-mite, and Earl is the only guest on it. On “Easter Sunday 97,” ZeelooperZ and Earl trade verses over a sunny, soul-sampling beat from the Detroit producer Black Noi$e. It’s a quick two-minute song with no hook, but both of them get some delightful lines off. ZeelooperZ: “When my mama hears this, I know she’s gon’ be feeling this / Her son make her feel good like photosynthesis.” (Is ZeelooperZ’ mother… is she a plant?) Earl: “Get lost, thoughts savoring, don’t take it as a loss / Octavia: The future strange as niggas thought.” (More rappers should reference Octavia Butler.)

In the video, directed by Realest Photographer Ever, ZeelooperZ and Earl both rap in the sun, appearing picture-in-picture during each other’s verses. Earl looks so happy. Watch it below.

And while we’re at it, here’s the stream for ZeelooperZ’ Dyn-O-Mite album:

You can get Dyn-O-Mite at Bandcamp.