Fiona Apple – “In My Room” (Feat. Jakob Dylan) (Beach Boys Cover)

Echo In The Canyon is a new documentary about the Laurel Canyon music scene — it hits theaters in Los Angeles today (5/24) and New York next week (5/31). It’s been in the works for a while, and back in 2015 there was a concert with the same name that featured a ton of notables covering artists that were associated with the scene in the 1960s. Those artists then recorded their covers, and those recorded versions are finally coming out on an Echo In The Canyon soundtrack that’s out today.

Among the contributors — which include Beck, Cat Power, Josh Homme, and Neil Young — is a cover from Fiona Apple, who took on the Beach Boys’ “In My Room.” She was joined by Jakob Dylan.

Listen below.

And here’s the rest of the Echo In The Canyon soundtrack: