Ava Luna – “Take It Or Leave It”

Ava Luna just released a new album, Moon 2, in the fall, and a few of its members have been busy with side projects: Felicia Douglass is releasing a great Gemma album next week and Julian Fader recently put out his first album as Coughy. But the New York City group has just announced a new EP called Pigments anyway — it comes out next month.

Today, they’re sharing “Take It Or Leave It,” a prickly and layered one that feels calm despite its breathy intonations: “I got a head, pair of sturdy shoulders/ So think twice before you strike/ A little spin on my own advice,” Douglass sings on it.

Half the proceeds from the Pigments EP will go toward the Yellowhammer Fund. Listen to “Take It Or Leave It” below.

01 “Take It Or Leave It”
02 “Weight Of Your Life”
03 “Pigments”
04 “Trust In You”

The Pigments EP is out 6/14. Pre-order it here.

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