Coughy – “F” Video

In a similar vein to Tierra Whack’s brisk Whack World, independent duo Coughy are fond of crafting what they call “tiny songs” — fully formed, intricately paced tunes that only last about a minute or so. The band started as a late-night composing experiment between Andy Molholt of Speedy Ortiz and Julian Fader of Ava Luna at summer camp. Now, they’ve upgraded their hobby of stray campground micro-recordings into composing a full-length album.

By the end of March, Coughy will release their debut album, Ocean Hug, via Joyful Noise. It’s characteristically made up of 20 tracks, all hovering around the one-minute mark, toggling between bedroomy croonings and punk-slanted scrappiness. Today, they’ve shared a video for the opening track of the record, “F.”

Video director Michael Chadwick went a heavily psychedelic route for the track’s visual accompaniment: non-sequitur computer graphics, a look reminiscent of Xavier: Renegade Angel, and a scene of deflation that reminds me of Under The Skin. It’s a fitting clip, but it also creeps me out a little!

Watch it below.

01 “F”
02 “G”
03 “N”
04 “V”
05 “P”
06 “O”
07 “T”
08 “E”
09 “M”
10 “L”
11 “I”
12 “H”
13 “K”
14 “B”
15 “X”
16 “U”
17 “A”
18 “W”
19 “S”
20 “C”

Ocean Hug is out 3/29 via Joyful Noise. Pre-order it here.