Watch Maxo Kream Freestyle With Kenny Beats

I already mentioned this on the intro to Friday’s 5 Best Videos column, but one of the best things currently on the internet is The Cave, the regular show from the great rap producer Kenny Beats. The show’s concept is simple enough: Once every two weeks, Kenny welcomes a new rapper to the studio. Based on that rapper’s specifications, Kenny spends a few minutes putting a beat together, and the rapper spends a few minutes freestyling over it. It’s a fascinating way to see the creative process at work — a whole song created from scratch, while you watch. But it’s also a great look at all these rap personalities at work, mostly because these are some funny motherfuckers, and because Kenny and the rappers all relentlessly clown each other while they’re working. There have been great episodes of The Cave with people like Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, and JPEGMAFIA. But thus far, the best episode has been the one with LA rapper Zack Fox, simply because he’s the funniest person who’s been on the show.

On Friday, Kenny posted the latest episode of The Cave, and it’s a good one. The new one features Maxo Kream, the Texas rapper who seems poised to do tremendous things. In recent weeks, Maxo has released the excellent new tracks “Still” and the Megan Thee Stallion collab “She Live.” The idea of him making music with Kenny Beats is pretty exciting!

In the episode, Maxo sits there rapping while Kenny is still putting the beat together, which is something I’ve never seen before. He’s also a fun presence when he’s just sitting around. Discussion topics include whether Kenny needs to own a gun and whether Jesus Christ Crip-walked. There is also a dance battle. And then Maxo goes into the booth and raps his face off. Watch it all happen below.

In the episode, Maxo offhandedly mentions a mixtape on the way, so look the fuck out.