Blink-182 – “Generational Divide” Video

Blink-182 – “Generational Divide” Video

Remember when Blink-182 were a punk band? Blink-182 do! In the late ’90s, Blink were an ideal gateway drug, a way for millions of TRL-watching kids to learn about they joys of breakneck tempos and triumphantly brick-stupid hooks. And these days, the band is celebrating that history. This summer they’re heading out on tour with Lil Wayne and playing the classic album Enema Of The State — which just turned 20 — in full every night. And now they’re reaching even further back. Their new single “Generation Divide” is a 50-second ripper and quite possibly the most aesthetically punk think Blink-182 have ever done.

Blink-182 haven’t announced a new album yet, but there’s presumably one on the way. Last month, they came out with the processed inspirational rocker “Blame It On My Youth.” It wasn’t very exciting. But today, they’ve followed it up with the short, jolting, anthemic “Generational Divide.”

The cool thing about “Generational Divide” is that it’s fast and hard but still a Blink-182 song. Travis Barker lays down a furious backbeat, but Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba sing big, hooky melodies back and forth at each other. And it’s produced, too; I’m pretty sure I hear some Auto-Tune on Skiba’s voice. This isn’t a quick joke like 2016’s “Built This Pool.” It’s an actual song. Check it out below.

UPDATE: And now it has a video too, directed by Kevin Kerslake.

“Generational Divide” is out now on the streaming services.

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