Watch Denzel Curry Perform In A Wheelchair At Wireless Festival After “Going Too Crazy”

Denzel Curry’s ZUU is one of the best albums of the year so far, and I gotta say, it sounds better the hotter it gets. Curry has been out on tour supporting the album; lately he’s been working his way across Europe and the British Isles. And it seems his live show has become dangerously rowdy — not necessarily for his audience, a la Travis Scott, but for Curry himself.

As The Fader points out, Curry performed from a wheelchair at London’s Wireless Festival yesterday. The reason: He injured his leg during a stage dive while doing a gig with Chance The Rapper at Dublin’s Marley Park. “Stuck in a wheel chair from going to[o] crazy last night in Dublin,” he explained on Twitter, adding, “1 leg aint gon stop shit.”

One leg in fact did not stop shit. From the looks of the footage Curry posted on Twitter after the show, the energy level was just as high as usual, whether he was wheeling around or hopping on one leg. That said, he should really look into acquiring that motorized throne from Dave Grohl like Axl Rose did a few years back. (I bet it wouldn’t even be that hard to get in touch; Grohl is a vocal Billie Eilish fan, and Curry opened for Eilish on tour earlier this year. Voila.)

Watch footage of Curry’s wheelchair performance below.

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