Paralyzed Fan Suing Travis Scott For Encouraging Audience To Jump From Balcony

An audience member who fell from the third floor balcony at Travis Scott’s Terminal 5 show earlier this year is now suing the rapper and the venue, according to The New York Post. Scott encouraged fans to jump from the balcony during his set and later clarified that he only encouraged people from the second floor to jump, not the third.

In any case, Kyle Green — the audience member who filed the lawsuit — says that he didn’t jump at all, and was rather pushed by the crowd off of the balcony and fell onto the floor. Scott then proceeded to order his security guards to bring Green to the stage so that the rapper could give him a ring. All of that is captured on cellphone video from the show (via Gothamist):

“I fell and hit the floor. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by security guards, who scooped me up,” Green told the Post. “Travis Scott was yelling at his security guards to bring me to the stage. They didn’t put a backboard or a neck brace on me or anything, they just kinda lifted me up and pulled me around. Then they dropped me in front of the stage.”

Green was left paralyzed by the injuries he sustained at the show and is now contained to a wheelchair. Injuries included “fractured vertebrae, a broken left wrist, and fractured right ankle,” per the Post. Green had to leave school in Brooklyn and move back home with his parents for support.

The suit alleges that the venue and security guards should have known about Scott’s dangerous live show, citing an 2015 incident when he was arrested for inciting a riot at Lollapalooza.

Neither Travis Scott or Terminal 5 have publicly commented on the lawsuit.

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