Watch Donald Glover Talk About The Lion King, Singing With Beyoncé, & The Future Of Childish Gambino On Jimmy Kimmel

Disney’s big not-really-live-action live-action remake of The Lion King is coming out in a week, and right now, Disney is in the process of unveiling it. Last night, that meant that Beyoncé released “Spirit,” a new song that’ll appear on the soundtrack. And last night, it meant that Donald Glover was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he was wearing a lion suit. (Kimmel: “You’re really a method actor, I guess, huh?” Glover: “This is what we wore everyday.”)

Glover, of course, is in The Lion King, playing the voice of the grown-up Simba. (Beyoncé is Nala, but if you have the slightest interest in this stuff, you already knew that.) On Kimmel, Glover talked a bit about working on the movie — he had a running bit about how he had to spend years in Africa to film those scenes. He also talked about refusing to sing in the same room as Beyoncé and about meeting Elton John. And Kimmel showed a quick clip of Simba singing “Hakuna Matata” in Glover’s voice. So Simba is hitting R&B vocal runs! It’s pretty weird!

Glover is a perfectly charming late-night guest, and he’s always good for stuff like telling stories about working as a writer on 30 Rock when he was also supposed to be an RA in college. But he was a bit cagey about his future projects. This week, he’s going to Australia to play the Childish Gambino show that he had to postpone last year, when he injured his foot. But on the question of whether this was really the end for Childish Gambino, Glover said, “I think I’m gonna still do shows. I’m not quite sure.” And when asked whether he’s working on a new season of Atlanta, Glover said, “I think my contract says I have to say yes.” I guess we’ll find out what Glover’s doing next when he does it. Watch the interview below.

The Lion King is in theaters 7/19, and the Beyoncé-curated compilation The Lion King: The Gift is out the same day.