Frankie Cosmos – “Rings (On A Tree)”

Frankie Cosmos – “Rings (On A Tree)”

Frankie Cosmos is releasing their latest album, Close It Quietly, in a couple months. We’ve heard one track, “Windows,” from it already. It comes on the heels of Greta Kline’s Haunted Items song project, which saw her releasing a handful of songs every week for a month.

One of those songs was “Rings (On A Tree),” which is getting re-appropriated for the new full-length and re-recorded alongside the rest of the band. It gains some extra muscle as a group, punchy drums and melodic coos bolstering the song’s message of perpetual growth: “Oh, how I wish we’d never met/ Oh, baby, I was all alone in it,” Kline sings. “Now I see that I was always me/ Underneath everything I ever tried to be.”

In a statement, Kline says:

[It’s] a fictional tale of a breakup from the point of view of a mistress. After I wrote it I realized what it meant to me– even though I’ve never been a mistress, I related to the character from being in a relationship where my feelings weren’t prioritized. I originally wrote it just on piano and released the solo version that way. The band version really takes it somewhere else and felt very collaborative. I love everyone’s parts. Alex wrote the funky guitar part I play in the middle section, based on an idea Luke and Lauren verbalized.

Listen to it below.

Close It Quietly is out 9/6 via Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

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