Tool’s New Album Is Called Fear Inoculum And You Can Stream The Old Ones Starting Friday

It’s a big day for the Biebers and all the rest of you Tool fans out there. Not only has the mercurial prog-metal band announced the title of their first album in 13 years, they’re also making the old ones available to legally stream for the first time.

Lead vocalist Maynard James Keenan is on Joe Rogan’s very popular, very strange podcast The Joe Rogan Experience today — not that surprising given the tone of some of his comments. On the podcast, Keenan is supposed to be discussing some big news. The band’s official Instagram account has already given us the key information, though. We now know the band’s new album, set for release 8/30, will be titled Fear Inoculum. And we know that four weeks before that — this coming Friday, 8/2 — the rest of the band’s discography will go live at digital service providers everywhere, ending one of the more significant streaming holdouts.

Perhaps whenever the podcast goes live Keenan will explain the album title (which is probably self-explanatory, to be honest) and why the band has finally decided to join the streaming revolution (which is also probably pretty self-explanatory). We’re also told he will “discuss how Eddie Bravo has been the subject of the Elon Musk brain chip research this whole time,” so look forward to that, I guess. But mostly look forward to new Tool music, and old Tool music through new channels. Until then, if you are hankering for some Tool, revisit our Ænima retrospective or watch footage of the band performing new songs because either option is a lot more fun than reading about Tool’s excruciating path to Fear Inoculum.

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FEAR INOCULUM, Aug 30th, 2019

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