Tool’s New Album Is Out 8/30

It’s finally happening. Thirteen years after the release of 10,000 Days, the last album from beloved prog-metal elder gods Tool, the band has a new album — or, at least, they have a release date for a new album. For many years, we’ve been hearing about the fitful progress of Tool’s fifth album. But this past weekend, they debuted two new songs, their first in over a decade, at a Florida show — at the Welcome To Rockville fest, they played “Invincible” and “Descending.” And then, at last night’s show, they said exactly when the new album would be out. It’ll only be a few months. We can wait a little longer.

Last night, Tool played at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. (And yes, they played “Invincible” and “Descending” again.) During the show, as Metal Injection reports, the band flashed a message on the screens behind them: “August 30th.” Frontman Maynard James Keenan reportedly encouraged fans to pictures. And then they made it official, tweeting a silent video that features the album’s release date.

There’s a lot we don’t yet know about the new album — tiny little details like title or tracklist. But the band members have said that all the songs on the new album will be at least 10 minutes long, and both of those new songs clock in around the 12-minute mark, so we should probably believe them. And while they could certainly change their plans, this is the first time they’ve gone on the record with a firm release date.

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