Ed Sheeran Breaks The Record For Highest Grossing Tour

Ed Sheeran, a man who has presumably never paid more than $30 for a single item of clothing, has now grossed three quarters of a billion dollars in a single tour. Sheeran has been steadily touring for two and a half years behind his massive 2017 album Divide. And now Pollstar reports that Sheeran is about to break the all-time record for the highest-grossing tour.

Tonight, Sheeran will play Hannover, Germany. It’ll be the 246th show on his Divide tour. And Pollstar projects that tonight’s show will put Sheeran over the top for that all-time record. He’ll reach a gross of $736.7 million, which will break the record that U2 set with the 360 tour, the in-the-round stadium extravaganza that ran from 2009 to 2011.

The average attendance at those Sheeran shows has been 34,541 per show, which is only slightly more than the 66,091 who were coming out to those U2 shows. But Sheeran has been at it for longer and playing shows more frequently.

In much sadder Ed Sheeran news, People reports that his cat Graham was hit by a car and killed on Wednesday.

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