Katy Perry – “Small Talk”

Thus far this year, Katy Perry has come out with two new singles: The Zedd collaboration “365” and the shimmering “Never Really Over.” Neither song was a huge hit, but both of them are totally solid pieces of popcraft — probably the best songs Perry has made in the past few years. Today, Perry has another new single out. I don’t know whether it’ll be a hit. It doesn’t even seem to strive for hit status, honestly. But once again: Good song!

On “Small Talk,” Perry sings about breakups from a “wow, that’s weird” type of perspective: “I just can’t believe / We went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime / Now just memories / We’ve gone from strangers to lovers to strangers.” It’s a commendably adult take on a difficult social situation, and Perry shows that her platinum-plated voice can sell the vagaries of social interaction.

“365” and “Never Really Over” both had production from Zedd, the German EDM-pop maestro. The new “Small Talk,” on the other hand, has no involvement from Zedd. Instead, it’s got another big name in the credits: Charlie Puth. Puth co-produced “Small Talk” with Johan Carlsson. Also, Perry and Puth co-wrote the song with Carlsson and Jacob Kasher Hindlin. It’s got some of the same self-assured glide of Puth’s recent work. Check it out below.

“Small Talk” is out now on the streaming services.