Girl Band – “Going Norway” Video

Next month, nasty Dublin bastards Girl Band will return with The Talkies, their second album of tense, squalid, scuzzed-out, fillings-rattling noise-rock. We’ve already posted their video for “Shoulderblades,” the album’s first single. And now they’ve followed that up by sharing another new song, “Going Norway,” and a video to match.

Like so many Girl Band songs before it, “Going Norway” is somehow both unhinged and sure-handed at the same time. Girl Band build tension with deliberate focus, and then they pay that tension off with all-out ferocity. The result exists somewhere at the thin boundary that separates late-’70s UK postpunk from early-’00s American warehouse noise. Imagine, if you will, some unholy fusion of the Pop Group and Lightning Bolt, and you’ll have some idea what you’re in for.

Girl Band consistently punch outside their weight class when it comes to music videos; their clips almost always manage to be both disturbing and funny. “Going Norway” fits right into that lineage. Director Bob Gallagher shows an extremely nervous man in an appointment with a demonic psychiatrist. You can tell, from the opening seconds, that this one is going to go to some weird places. It does. The clip works as a bugged-out combination of a Twilight Zone episode, a supernatural ’70s horror movie, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Watch it below.

The Talkies is out 9/27 on Rough Trade Records.