Sheer Mag – “The Killer”

Sheer Mag – “The Killer”

Philly-based classic rock revivalists Sheer Mag are gearing up to launch their second full-length album. Along with three sensational EPs leading up to its release, 2017’s Need To Feel Your Love was a smash and generated quite a cultish fanbase. We’ve already heard a couple tracks from the new A Distant Call, including the untamed “Blood From A Stone” and “Hardly To Blame.” Before that LP arrives this Friday, Sheer Mag have one more single up their sleeves, “The Killer.”

Kicking off with reserved yet fuzzed-out guitars, the instrumentation seems to spiral out of control as a strident percussion section maxes out. Tina Halladay’s wailing vocals issue incisive political proclamations: “Shaking hands on the Senate floor/ Closing deals and pushing for more/ He’s got a plan to win their hearts and minds, yeah/ It’s the same old crook.” A greasy electric solo a third of the way through the song feels ripped right out of the Eddie Van Halen playbook, yet when combined with Halladay’s bawling, there’s an unmistakable freshness to this joint.

Listen to “The Killer” below.

A Distant Call is out 8/23 via Wilsuns RC. Pre-order it here.

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