Sheer Mag – “Hardly To Blame” Video

After building a cult following with 3 stellar EPs, Sheer Mag released their debut album, Need To Feel Your Love, in 2017 to an already dedicated fanbase. Now, the ’70s rock revivalists are gearing up to release their sophomore LP, A Distant Call, which will be out next month.

We’ve heard its fierce lead single, “Blood From A Stone. Today, the Philly band share a new track called “Hardly To Blame,” along with its Jonathan Arturo-directed music video.

Guitarist Matt Palmer expands on the song and video in a statement:

In “Hardly To Blame” we see the psychic landscape of Philadelphia transformed by the collapse of Tina’s relationship with her partner. The streets they used to walk together, the bars they used to drink at, and the friends they used to share have all been tainted by the lingering memories of their time together. Closing out side A of A Distant Call, “Hardly to Blame” shows Tina spiraling further down and down. Unfortunately the worst is yet to come, but “Hardly to Blame” gives us a glimpse at someone who thinks they’ve hit bedrock, unaware that the bottom is about to drop out.

Watch and listen below.

CREDIT: Marie Lin

A Distant Call is out 8/23 via Wilsuns RC. Pre-order it here.