Anna Meredith – “Moonmoons”

Scottish musician Anna Meredith released her first film score for Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade last year. She also worked on a collaborative album with the Scottish ensemble Anno, which illustrated just how versatile she can be as a composer. Just last month, Meredith announced her sophomore album, FIBS, which is due out in October. We’ve already heard one track from the follow up to her 2016 debut Varmints called “Paramour,” which was shared along with a hypnotic video. Today we get to hear another single called “Moonmoons.”

Along with the song, Meredith is releasing an app called Moonmoons AR that allows users to place six virtual speakers around their environment. The speakers come in the form of the otherworldly hand-made ceramic objects from the album’s artwork, which was made by Meredith’s sister, Eleanor. This provides for a new listening experience of “Moonmoons,” and it’s as if you were surrounded by the musical building blocks of the track. The closer you are to an object, the louder that musical element is.

Meredith collaborated with designer and coder Arthur Carabott for the app. “Augmented Reality and Spatial Audio enable a way of exploring the details of a piece of music that is very natural, and allow the listener to play an active role in their own experience of a piece,” said Carabott in a press release. 

Listen to “Moonmoons” below, where you can also watch the “Moonmoons” AR video.

FIBS is out 10/25 via Black Prince Fury/Moshi Moshi. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Gem Harris