FKA Twigs’ New Album Magdalene Was Co-Produced By Nicolas Jaar, Has A Future Feature

FKA Twigs released a new song, “Cellophane,” a couple months back and she’s been playing shows and performing at festivals since then, debuting new songs and teasing her much-awaited full-length followup to 2014’s LP1. In a new interview with i-D, Twigs confirms that the album is called Magdalene — also the name of the shows she’s been doing — and that it’ll be out later this year. She produced the album with Nicolas Jaar.

“The record is about every lover that I’ve ever had, and every lover that I’m going to have,” Twigs said in the interview. “It’s really fragile. I made it at a time when I was in recovery – physically and emotionally – and I think that comes through.”

One of the songs, “Holy Terrain,” has a guest verse from Future. Twigs went into how the collaboration came about in the interview:

I wasn’t sure whether he would even know who I am. I was like, ‘Hi, it’s Twigs. Let me know if you wanna talk about music or anything.’ He texted back right away and I was like… ‘Oh my god, he’s just messaged me back!’ He’s such a sweetheart. I sent him the album and I called him up and was like, ‘Listen, Future… this is what my album’s about. It’s a really empowering, sensitive record, with a lot of feminine energy, and this song is probably the most fun track on it, but I still need lyrical content.’ And he said, ‘Okay, I’ve got it’. And his verse is beautiful. He’s just talking about his downfalls as a man; how he’s sorry and asking for healing. I love sad Future. I love when he gets emo, when he expresses himself. It’s just so beautiful when he opens up.

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