Mikal Cronin – “Shelter”

Mikal Cronin has spent some time collaborating with other artists as of late, such as Shannon Lay, Ty Segall, and Kim Gordon. On top of these collaborations, Cronin is gearing up to release his forthcoming album next month, titled Seeker. We’ve already heard the lead single from that album, “Show Me,” which was shared at the end of July along with a video. Today, Cronin is back with “Shelter,” which proves to be another gorgeous orchestral foray.

This one’s overpowered by fuzzy guitar and really intense string arrangements. The percussion section is multi-layered, creating this dimensional experience that feels expansive. Apparently this approach was calculated, as Cronin was inspired by ambient linchpin Brian Eno. Here’s what Cronin had to say about the track:

This is a song about searching for answers in an uncertain world. It’s about the observer reluctantly stepping out of their comfort zone and looking around, while trying to keep their head straight. Musically, it’s dense and polyrhythmic. The string line weaves it all together for me. When writing a song with a lot of additive looping rhythmic parts, I think of Brian Eno.

Listen to “Shelter” below.

Seeker is out 10/25 on Merge Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Max Mendelsohn
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