Tyler, The Creator – “EARFQUAKE (Channel Tres Remix)”

Tyler Okonma, the polyglot known as Tyler, The Creator, is 28 years old yet maintains a certain boyish quality no matter how much he matures — which, comparing the sound of this year’s great IGOR with the Odd Future exploits of his youth, has been a lot. I would venture to guess Sheldon Young, the rapper and producer known as Channel Tres, is younger than 28, but both in sound and appearance he comes off like an old soul.

Why am I thinking and typing about such things? It crossed my mind when I learned Channel Tres had remixed Tyler’s IGOR single “EARFQUAKE.” That remix is out today. According to a press release, it’s the first time Tyler has ever released another artist’s remix of one of his tracks. Channel has transformed “EARFQUAKE” from a synth-encrusted soul ballad into ultralounge-ready house music fleeced with the sort of jazzy brass samples I tend to associate with hip-hop.

Good shit. Listen below.

And while you’re here, check out this footage of Channel Tres’ live show captured by our own Scott Lapatine at Hopscotch Music Festival last month.