Kim Gordon – “Hungry Baby”

It’s been 37 years since Sonic Youth released their self-titled debut EP. In that entire time, Kim Gordon, the former Sonic Youth co-leader, has been an adventurous wanderer and a force for implacable cool on the rock underground. But she’s never gone solo. That changes this week, when Gordon releases No Home Record, the first album ever released under her own name.

Gordon recorded No Home Record with Sky Ferreira/Angel Olsen producer Justin Raisen, and the album presents her as a towering, glowering star. We’ve already heard the early tracks “Sketch Artist” and “Air BnB,” as well as “Murdered Out,” the track she released last year. They’re all heavy, intense songs. But Gordon may have outdone them today with her new track “Hungry Baby,” presumably the final song she’ll share before the album arrives.

“Hungry Baby” is a massive neanderthal groove, almost a Stooges thing. Gordon growl-purrs come-ons and put-downs — “Touch your nipple! It’s so fine!” — over simplistic club-to-the-head bass-and-drums thunder and squealing guitar feedback. It sounds like music for headbutting walls, and it rules. Listen to it below.

No Home Record out 10/11 on Matador Records. Pre-order it here.