Kim Gordon – “Air BnB” Video

One month from today, Kim Gordon, former Sonic Youth co-leader and eternal avatar of New York cool, will release her debut solo album No Home Record, recorded with Sky Ferreira producer Justin Raisen. We’ve already posted her video for first single “Sketch Artist.” Today, she follows that one up by sharing “Air BnB,” the song’s second single, which comes with a weirdly absorbing video.

“Air BnB” is a great song, a scratchy and anthemic rocker that calls back to Sonic Youth’s early-’90s noise-pop period while still sounding fully of-the-moment. The track is full of discordant guitar sounds, but those sounds work in service of the song, which has a grimy punk intensity and a huge chorus. “Air BnB / It’ll set me free,” Gordon yells, effectively satirizing the kind of consumerism that could really stand to be satirized nowadays.

“Air BnB” comes with a weirdly great music video that consists of nothing but text slowly flashing on a black screen. In the video, Gordon explains what the video would’ve been if she’d had the budget to shoot it. She describes the fancy LA Air BnB where she would’ve been shooting, rubbing her guitar on all the symbols of wealth surrounding her. The description is honestly just as evocative as the actual video would’ve been. Check it out below.

No Home Record out 10/11 on Matador Records. Pre-order it here.