Homeboy Sandman – “Lookout” (Feat. Quelle Chris & Your Old Droog)

It’s always fun to hear unexpected new rapper team-ups. It’s especially fun when they’re team-ups you wouldn’t have expected, and especially especially fun when those team-ups turn out to make perfect sense. That’s the case with “Lookout,” the new track from Queens underground rap veteran Homeboy Sandman.

In the past few years, Homeboy Sandman has released projects with longtime underground stand-bys like Aesop Rock and Edan. Next week, he’ll release a new solo album called Dusty, and we’ve already heard the first single “Far Out.” Today, he’s also shared “Lookout.” On that song, Homeboy Sandman, Detroit-born and Brooklyn-based rapper/producer Quelle Chris, and Coney Island cyclone Your Old Droog all team up to rip apart a playful, off-kilter beat. All three rappers are smart and tough and precise and funny. All three of them make sense together.

Homeboy Sandman: “Anytime I lost, recount; there was a miscount / Anytime I floss, you could bet I got a discount.” Quelle Chris: “They love me long, longer than 2003’s tees / Blacker than the colored kids’ knees / Rock it, then I’m out like every item on a Golden Krust menu but the cheese.” Your Old Droog: “Y’all know who it is, Grammy Award winner / In the foreign with a foreign, listening to Foreigner.” Listen below.

Dusty is out 10/18 on Mello Music Group.