Doldrey – “Siege Of Doldrey”

They make some intense fucking music in Singapore. For those of us who have never been to Singapore, it’s hard to imagine what the punk scene over there might even look like. But it’s there, and it’s been responsible for some great music. Over the past year or so, we’ve posted music from Singapore punk bands like Sial and Zodd. And now we’ve got a feverishly nasty new jam from a mysterious band called Dodlrey.

Google doesn’t turn up a whole lot of information on Doldrey, but they make a murky, gnarled, cranked-up form of music that splits the difference between old-school death metal and feral D-beat. (The band name seems to be an anime reference.) They’re one of those bands where lo-fi recording is a true asset, since it makes them sound even more like cave-dwelling berserkers. Last year, the band released a self-titled EP. Next month, they’ll follow it up with a new one called Invocation Of Doom, and the cover art fucking rules.

“Siege Of Doldrey,” the opening track from Invocation Of Doom, is frenzied, guttural music that has the sped-up intensity of prime Discharge and the spooky atmosphere of early-’90s black metal. Listen to it below.

The Invocation Of Doom EP is out 11/22 on Iron Lung Records.

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