Illuminati Hotties – “ppl plzr”

Illuminati Hotties – “ppl plzr”

Illuminati Hotties have been touring hard behind their magnificent debut Kiss Yr Frenemies — one of last year’s best albums, “tenderpunk” or otherwise — and back in March they shared a new track called “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog.” Sarah Tudzin has also stayed busy producing for artists like Cartalk. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything more from her this year, and yet she’s blessed us with another new Illuminati Hotties single today.

Like much of Tudzin’s songwriting, “ppl plzr” brings insight into the messy complications of modern romance. She’s especially good at writing about being undervalued by a lover, as this song ably demonstrates with a series of detail-rich scenes that let you fill in the gaps of the narrative. “Guess I am the lesser man / Guess I am the drugstore brand,” she sings at one climactic moment. “But I still work hard plus I’m cheaper / If it matters, people pleaser.” Musically, it’s a subtly epic pop-rocker that finds the band stretching and refining its distinct voice. I don’t know if it’s the lead single from a new album (UPDATE: it’s not), but it’s lead-single quality.

Listen below.

“ppl plzr” is out now on Tiny Engines.

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