Mura Masa – “No Hope Generation”

Back in 2017, the young British producer Mura Masa released his collab-heavy self-titled debut album, and he promptly became a big festival-circuit name. Today, Mura Mana announces that he’ll release his sophomore album R.Y.C early next year. Like the last one, R.Y.C will feature plenty of guest stars. The Clairo collab “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” which Mura Masa released in August, will appear on the album, and people like Slowthai and Tirzah also show up. But Mura Masa seems to sing lead on “No Hope Generation,” the new song that he shared today.

“No Hope Generation” is a drum machine-powered rock song, delivered in a thick English accent, that attempts to go big and make sweeping topical statements: “Gimme a bottle and a gun / And I’ll show you how it’s done / And if you look real close / You’ll see it’s all a joke.” My boss Scott Lapatine points out that it sounds a whole lot like the 1975’s “Give Yourself A Try,” and yes, wow, holy shit, it really does. Listen below, and check out the album’s tracklist and what Mura Masa has to say about it.

In a press release, Mura Masa says:

This project is intended to explore the kind of necessity of nostalgia and escapism that I’ve noticed in my own life, but moreover in the lives of my friends and peers. If the story of the album is an exploration of the questions around that need, then “No Hope Generation” is the explanation for that need. It’s meant as an anthem to anxiety, but also an acknowledgment of the tongue in cheek approach that most people my age have to the universal struggles of coming of age in the twenty-tens.

01 “R.Y.C”
02 “No Hope Generation”
03 “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” (Feat. Clairo)
04 “a meeting at an oak tree” (Feat. Ned Green)
05 “Deal Wiv It” (Feat. Slowthai)
06 “vicarious living anthem”
07 “In My Mind”
08 “Today” (Feat. Tirzah)
09 “Live Like We’re Dancing” (Feat. Georgia)
10 “Teenage Headache Dreams” (Feat. Ellie Rowsell)
11 “(nocturne for strings and a conversation)”

R.Y.C is out 1/17 on Polydor.

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