Hannah Diamond – “Invisible” Video

Hannah Diamond – “Invisible” Video

Hannah Diamond, one of the leading lights of the PC Music scene, has been releasing shiny, catchy pop music both alluring and unsettling for a solid half-decade. “Attachment,” the first song of hers we ever posted back in 2014, remains both my favorite and least favorite example of the collective’s potential for uncanny-valley pop perfection. There have been many flurries of activity since then, but until now, she hasn’t released an official debut album.

That’s finally set to happen next month. Diamond’s LP Reflections now has an 11/22 release date, and today we hear its third single following the recent Danny L Harle collab “Part Of Me” and last year’s “True.” This one’s produced by A. G. Cook and EASYFUN and arrives with a video conceived by Diamond and director Daniel Swan.

In a press release, Diamond explains:

Daniel helped me bring to life a story where I am working towards creating a pixel-perfect digital version of myself as I navigate feeling inadequate in a world dominated by advertising, fame and stardom. I am perpetually surrounded by screens and on display for everyone to see, but paradoxically feel completely invisible to the one person who I wish would notice me. The “Invisible” world represents a hyper-real reflection of real life, mirroring aspects of my day to day; the sleepy tube journey across London Bridge, a walk through an alternate reality where London is filled with HD billboard images and advertising photographed by me. It explores the processes of constructing my own “image,” as I work to completely digitise my self to be remembered virtually forever.

Watch below.

Reflections is out 11/22 on PC Music.

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