Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle – “Part Of Me”

Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle – “Part Of Me”

A few weeks ago, we got the first proper PC Music track in a while in the form of A. G. Cook’s “Lifeline,” and today the forward-looking pop label is back with another song, a collaboration between two of its superstars: Hannah Diamond and Danny L Harle.

They’ve teamed up for a new track called “Part Of Me,” a lullaby that spins out into the cosmos. It’s Diamond’s first new track since last year’s “True” and hopefully an indication of her quite delayed album; Harle has also been a bit quiet recently, though he’s been working with Caroline Polachek on her debut album.

Both of them had something to say about the track. Here’s Harle:

It started off with the lullaby/celeste pattern and we were working in and around this kind of sleepy twinkly melody. And it was supposed to be a sleepy song. But as the lyrics came together we worked out there was a possibility for there to be this repressed inner excitement/keenness that could come out in a really hard section.

And here’s Diamond:

We were writing to that from some of my lyrics from the Diamond Dictionary, that I had no music for. I had so many to choose from because I’d been writing loads. I was looking at a few different documents I had of lyrics and then these ones suddenly clicked and fell together really quickly. And because of the melody, I found a new meaning in the lyrics to what I thought they meant to me before.

Listen below.

“Part Of Me” is out now via PC Music.

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