Wiki – “Grim” (Feat. Denzel Curry & Lil Ugly Mane)

Tomorrow, Wiki, the slurry and snaggletoothed New York rap great and former Ratking member, will come out with a new album called OOFIE. You should be excited about that. In the past few weeks, Wiki has shared the new singles “Fee Fi Fo Fum,” “Smarty Jones,” and “Pesto.” They have been great. And today, Wiki teams up with two gifted and intense peers, Denzel Curry and Lil Ugly Mane, on an excellent new song called “Grim.”

A while back, Wiki and the grimy, self-lacerating Richmond, Virginia rapper Lil Ugly Mane were in a sort of punk-rap supergroup called Secret Circle with the California rapper Antwon. Last year, in the wake of sexual assault allegations against Antwon, Secret Circle broke up. Both Wiki and Lil Ugly Mane publicly affirmed their support for assault victims, and Lil Ugly Mane vented some serious disgust at Antwon. So “Grim” marks a sort of reunion between Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki.

On “Grim,” all three rappers vent serious darkness over a heavy, staggering beat that Lil Ugly Mane co-produced with former Spank Rock collaborator XXXChange. Wiki: “Death don’t got no mercy / got you talking murky when you popping perkys.” Lil Ugly Mane: “Floating down the river Styx, counting daffodils / Ignoring all these emails from Complex and Mass Appeal / Thinking if I wasn’t such a pussy, I’d’ve had a deal.” Denzel Curry: “Telling myself that I’ll be fine is the point where it’s scariest.” It’s intense! Listen below.

OOFIE is out 11/8 on Wiki’s own Wikset Enterprise.