Mura Masa – “Deal Wiv It” (Feat. slowthai) Video

So far we’ve heard two songs from Mura Masa’s upcoming album R.Y.C., which stands for Raw Youth Collage. Clairo handled lead vocals on the phenomenal lead single “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” while Mura Masa himself grabbed the mic on “No Hope Generation.” Today, we get to hear what he’s cooked up with slowthai, the provocative young UK rapper who’s beed making a name for himself with stunts like calling the Queen a cunt on his album’s title track and staging a fake Boris Johnson beheading at the Mercury Prize ceremony.

Mura Masa and slowthai’s song together is called “Deal Wiv It.” They spelled it that way because they are British — deal wiv it. (Very meta!) It’s a bouncy little rock-inflected rap song — or is it a rap-inflected rock song? Like most slowthai tracks, it reminds me of the Streets. Like most Mura Masa tracks, it feels like a whole music festival distilled into one sleek, multifarious whole.

“Deal Wiv It” arrives with a video directed by Yoni Lappin, which you can watch below.

R.Y.C. is out 1/17 on Geffen.