Preview Coldplay’s New Song “Daddy”

When Coldplay confirmed the tracklist for their new double album Everyday Life, the whole world was wondering what a Coldplay song called “Daddy” might sound like. And now we get to find out, at least in part.

As they did with “Guns” last week, today Coldplay have shared a segment of “Daddy.” As much as I want to clown it, it’s actually one of those staggeringly pretty Coldplay songs that remind me why I sometimes vigorously defend this band despite their considerable bullshit. I am a sucker for the Coldplay tracks where Chris Martin is in his feelings (“Magic” remains their most underrated song), and this spectral piano ballad seems like it will fit the bill. Still, I will not blame you if this inspires you to tweet “run me over with a Zamboni zaddy” at Coldplay’s account or whatever. Dudes are asking for it.

Besides this pair of teasers, Coldplay have shared three full advance tracks from Everyday Life: “Orphans,” “Arabesque,” and the
title track. They’ll debut the whole album with a pair of livestreams from Jordan on release day. Until then, here’s “Daddy” — which may run you over like a Zamboni, emotionally speaking — as well as last week’s “Guns” teaser.

Everyday Life is out 11/22 on Atlantic/Parlophone.

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