Coldplay Announce Livestreamed Release Day Concerts In Jordan With Faux Press Conference Featuring Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen

Back in 2000, when Parachutes and All Hands On The Bad One both dropped, the thought of Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein appearing in a “funny” Coldplay promo video would have seemed like wild fantasy. Two decades later, it barely registers as weird, which is weird. Time is way too bizarre to be a flat circle.

Coldplay are releasing their new double album Everyday Life three weeks from today, on 11/22. This being Coldplay, there will be fanfare. The band just announced they will perform the album for the first time in a pair of release-day concerts livestreamed from Amman, Jordan. They’ll perform the first disc, Sunrise, at 4AM GMT, which lines up nicely for an 11PM EST performance just an hour before the album is released in the US. They’ll perform the second disc, Sunset, at 2pm GMT, aka 9AM EST. So: Sunrise will debut at sunrise, and Sunset will debut at sunset. But in the US, due to Earth’s rotation and geography and such, Sunrise will be after dark and Sunset will be in the morning. Got all that?

This will be Coldplay’s first performances in Jordan. In a press release, Chris Martin said, “These two broadcasts have been our dream since we first started work on this album. It’s a bit impossible and a bit scary, like all the best dreams. YouTube is the perfect home for it.” Also on YouTube is a faux press conference announcing the livestreamed Jordan shows. Brownstein stars as a journalist alongside her Portlandia costar Fred Armisen. Both of them end up playing multiple characters, as circumstances become increasingly absurd.

Watch below.

Everyday Life is out 11/22 on Parlophone/Atlantic. Parachutes and All Hands On The Bad One are both incredible records.