HAIM – “If It Be Your Will” (Leonard Cohen Cover)

Hanukkah+, a compilation inspired by Yo La Tengo’s annual Hanukkah residency, is out today. It’s intended to expand the canon of Hannukah music via tracks from artists like the Flaming Lips, Jack Black, and Yo La Tengo themselves, who shared their original “Eight Candles” earlier this week.

HAIM’s contribution to this project is a Leonard Cohen cover — but not Cohen’s oft-covered “Hallelujah,” despite the fact that they did release a song called “Hallelujah” this week. Rather, they’ve taken a crack at “If It Be Your Will.” Their treatment of the classic is sweet and sentimental, with Danielle Haim’s voice totally commanding Cohen’s oft jaunty cadence. Este and Alana come in to harmonize during the chorus, and within the swell of reverb, their delivery is absolutely haunting.

Listen to HAIM’s cover of “If It Be Your Will” below.

And here’s a stream of the whole compilation:

Hanukkah+ is out now via Verve Forecast. Get it here.