Sorry – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star”

Sorry, the shapeshifting North London Band To Watch, announced their debut album 925 a month ago with the excellent, “Mad World”-interpolating lead single “Right Round The Clock.” Today they’ve followed it up with another promising track called “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star.”

Although they’re known for switching up their style from song to song, one thing this new one has in common with its predecessor is a reliance on wild saxophone trills. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” is a bit more deconstructed at first, like Sonic Youth attempting a nasty jazz track that eventually morphs into idiosyncratic pop music. Amidst the minimalist chaos, Asha Lorenz sings, I stayed up all night with a rock ‘n’ roll star/ He said you gotta just follow the part, you are not who you are.” From there it keeps transforming, always maintaining its unique aesthetic no matter how much the turmoil transforms.

If you’ve yet to get on board with Sorry, this is a great place to start — though truly they’ve been one of the most quietly excellent indie-rock outfits going for a while now. Listen below.

925 is coming this spring on Domino.

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