City Girls – “You Tried It”

City Girls are back at full strength. Last year, when the Miami rap duo was on the precipice of breaking through, group member JT was sent to federal prison for credit card fraud. But Yung Miami, her City Girls partner, kept working and shouting out JT. Last month, JT was released from prison, and she immediately released the new song “JT First Day Out.” Today, City Girls are back with their first song as a duo since JT’s release. It slaps.

“You Tried It,” the new City Girls track, is pretty much exactly what you want from a new City Girls track. JT and Yung Miami rose to fame by talking mercenary sex stuff over hard, simplistic old-school Southern rap beats. “You Tried It” is two minutes long, and it’s got a big, heavy, uncluttered DJ Chose beat. And the two group members talk so much shit in those two minutes.

Like so many other City Girls songs, “You Tried It” is about mercilessly using dudes for their money. JT: “City Girls, period, but I need them commas / I can wait in the car, I ain’t trying to meet your mama.” Yung Miami: “Got him buying gifts for my friends / Make him spend his re-up on a Benz / Do I really love him? It depends / Last one, I hit up for a 10.” Listen below.

“You Tried It” is out now on streaming.

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