Harry Styles – “Adore You” Video

We’re just one week away from the release of Fine Line, the second solo album from former One Direction member and walking “ok boomer” antidote Harry Styles. Thus far he has drummed up attention with two singles, the underrated “Lights Up” and the not particularly memorable “Watermelon Sugar,” plus a double-duty SNL gig that somehow extended into the following week without Styles actually being there anymore. Oh, and he announced a tour with Jenny fucking Lewis as his opening act.

Now we get to hear a third advance track from the album. It’s called “Adore You,” it’s got a nice little synth undercurrent going for it. Sometime Friday it will also have a video directed by music-video legend Dave Meyers, aka the guy who did “HUMBLE.” and “Bad Guy” and “Motivation” in recent years. According to a press release, “The visual takes place in the mythical Isle of Eroda,” which even has its own fake travel website featuring copy such as, “Eroda is known for its quaint villages, lively pubs, and bustling fish markets,” and recommendations for hotspots like Sea Rock Brewery and Sally’s Tavern. There’s also an Eroda promo video that lasts almost three minutes and includes the phrase “resting fish face.”

UPDATE: Here’s the video, narrated by Rosalía. It stars Styles as the only resident of Eroda who smiles. He does so with a piercing glow that makes him a bit like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. The plot involves Styles’ character adopting and eventually freeing a fish, which brings the island together and cures its sadness? I don’t know, it’s cute. Watch below.

Fine Line is out 12/13 on Columbia.