The Voidz – “Did My Best” & “The Eternal Tao” Video

The Voidz – “Did My Best” & “The Eternal Tao” Video

The Voidz are the reliably batshit experimental rock band Julian Casablancas seems to care a lot more about than the Strokes these days — in fact, he seemingly used their 2018 album Virtue as a vehicle for airing his grievances about the Strokes. Back in May, the Voidz released their first new song since since that album, a bizarro dance track called “The Eternal Tao.” It was co-produced by Mac DeMarco, who is opening for the Strokes in Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve, and Kirin J Callinan.

Now the Voidz are sharing a second, very different song from those sessions. It’s called “Did My Best,” and it lands a lot closer to that classic Casablancas sound, albeit delivered through a casual, hallucinogenic haze. “Let me tell you a story ’bout the hazy good old days,” Casablancas begins, in one of his trademark melodies. If you’ve ever loved this man’s work, you will be immediately hooked. Later on his voice becomes slathered in Auto-Tune, and all manner of classic-rock noodling breaks out amidst the easy groove. It’s enough to make you not even care that the Strokes seem to be moving slowly on their long-rumored LP6, with not a peep of new music since debuted a new song in LA this past spring.

Right now, you can listen to “Did My Best” below. A music video that combines that song with “Eternal Tao” will be out later today.

UPDATE: And here’s the double video. Directed by Johann Rashid AKA Promiseland, it features a large cast including various Voidz members, Callinin, DeMarco, and a number of “A.I. She-Bots.” Here’s how the band explains it:

This video is inspired by a nonexistent Fellini TV show mixed with a futuristic timecop-party vibe. How do humans interact with robots/non-DNA carrying entities and how do said entities interact with us? Are we teaching them? Are they teaching us? Or is it all more sinister....

Watch below.

A “Did My Best” b/w “The Eternal Tao” 7″ is out in February via Terrible Records. Pre-order it here.

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